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Cecil M. Christensen, M.D., P.A.

My name is Cecil Christensen. I am a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hip and knee replacements. My orthopedic training was done at University of Texas Health Science Center (Hermann Hospital) of Houston, Texas. I did a Fellowship in Joint Surgery with the innovator of joint surgery, John Charnley in Manchester, England. I have been in the practice of orthopaedic surgery for the past thirty-five years and continue to practice joint replacement surgery in this country, it became necessary for me to innovate ways to revise joints that eventually failed. Not all patient's total joints will last thirty-five years such as a number of my patients have. Revision surgery is a specialty in itself.

Revising a hip or knee joint can be fairly simple or it can be complicated surgical procedure depending on what is involved. In total hip the acetabular side (socket side) is eight times more probable to loosen than the femoral side and this can present with major problems. Looseness can be related to a condition called osteolysis, which is a result of wear particles from the implant component. These plastic wear particles can migrate between the socket or stem and destroy normal bone creating looseness and sometimes these defects can be large. The custom implants, that is, implants that are made specifically for a bone defect is necessary. We have devised such implants in cooperation with Biomet Corporation. We have been successful in over a hundred major revisions with these devices. Some revisions are of lesser magnitude and necessitate only somewhat larger implants than were originally implanted. Preparing a patient adequately for a surgical intervention is very necessary. The proper planning and evaluation will expedite a successful outcome. We are aware that the outcome is the most important aspect of our surgical procedure and the benefits it provides for our patients.